Diapers and… stuff.

Remember that one time we were going to write each other at least once a month… HA! Here we are over a year and a half from our last blog post. Well, today that all changes. Today, I feel like blogging. Maybe it is that my nails are longer than usual and for some reason typing feels more fun with long nails, maybe it is due to the fact that Areli-girl slept 8 hours the past two nights, maybe it is because I just watched Shia Labeouf telling me to make my dreams come true. Whatever the reason, here I am… and there you are… somewhere in cyber-space reading my virtual letter.

Currently, Seattle is playing frisbee with daddy and friends, Areli is taking her afternoon nap, and mommy is sitting indian-style on the couch surrounded by baby books and toys with an unused diaper cushioning my thigh. But let’s be real, even if the diaper were dirty it would probably still be allowed to touch my leg if it meant that I didn’t have to move.


Random picture… because all good blog posts have them.

Change is on my mind. The kind of change that Obama promised. The kind of change my Plexus and Crossfit Facebook friends go ga-ga over. The kind of change that can get me out of this two-day dirty nightgown. Today, and I’m sure everyone in the world has experienced this at some point, the Regina inside of me is buying books and taking a jog and washing her hair… while the external Regina still hasn’t brushed her teeth today. *gasp* I really have absolutely zero revelation about the state that I’m in. I only know that I want to be moving and I’m sitting still. And maybe tomorrow I’ll be content with wearing greasy spaghetti fingerprints on my pjs for 48 hours, but today I want to be… different. Today, I am motivated. That’s all.

I’m gonna go buy a book on Kindle that I’ll probably never finish. Peace out, ladies. I wish you were all here to laugh at me with me.

All my heart,


5 thoughts on “Diapers and… stuff.

  1. First of all, you pull off this short hair situation so stinking well! I mean headbands and babies…what a life! I love your mind, Reg! Makes me so happy to know we have similar moments where we long for something different! Change…drastic, subtle, explosive, vibrant…whatever form it takes can be so refreshing! Everything starts with a vision of what could be, the change we want to see in ourselves or those around us! It takes one movement to make it happen! And yet that movement isn’t always so simple! It can require so much more; the courage to breathe, believe, and relish in the fact that change is coming and it’s the most exciting and liberating thing we can experience with so much unknown! I’m sitting here with a backwards cap on my 4 day old (or more, can’t remember to be honest) hair reading your words that give me so much life and help me dream a little more for how i could change…heart change, hair change…ya know the important stuff 😉 Thank you for speaking out the things I need to hear and that I know you need to hear and believe too! Love you!

  2. I love you, Heather! I love being in the same place as you spiritually/emotionally even if we are far away physically. Here’s to making a move!
    *FYI: I didn’t even get to the book buying part bc someone woke up from their nap early. Oh well. C’est la vie!

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