Oh, how these sails keep me adrift!

Hello my darling sisters! 

Yes, I know you have all been waiting on me for quite some time. Please forgive me for my tardiness. I am sorry to keep you waiting. Life has been such a whirlwind, and I am just now finding my feet! 

As you know, the internship with Chi Alpha is in full swing. It’s been a crazy two weeks filled with tears, chafing, laughter, beauty, and Jesus teaching me more about myself than I would truly like to know. I have been blessed to make it home each day. Though I find myself worn out in every way, I also yearn to be on campus with the lovely ladies God is using to teach me so much. These girls are a few with whom I am finding such joy in loving. They are so funny, and truly light up my life. Please be praying for my relationships with them. God is moving, and I want to move when He does, go where He goes. 


Wynter, Suki, Caroline, and me at Petit Jean!

In other news, I am constantly reevaluating how I view most aspects on life, especially time. God continues to teach me sacrifice, and how I really really really am selfish and like to hide myself away in order to “rest.” Though, the awesome part is, rest is found in delighting in the life, the calling, the work the Lord has given me. It is such a strange thing, and I absolutely love it. We have been working pretty hard. (Close to 70/80 hour weeks) It has been insanity. I feel stretched like a balloon when I am anxious and looking to myself…but when I trust Jesus and follow him, I feel like I am just coasting in His arms, sailing with a beautiful wind. 🙂 


So much has happened since we have last all been together. It is hard to put it in words. Seattle was born!!!!! (WHAT WHAT!?), I had a birthday, work started…life happens fast! I sometimes forget to hold on & enjoy the little things. I want to be better about celebrating moments, loving all of you, holding you close, and reminding you that I am so blessed to be yours. I love you all so much. It brings me to tears knowing that we aren’t together. Even with 3 of us here, its hard to make the time. I’m sorry I haven’t made it such a priority. I want to love you all better. 



Holding little Sea for the first time!


Here we are for my birthday! We had such a good time at Russo’s. We really missed you, James & Reg! I know you were there in spirit! 🙂

I love you all, my sisterhood of traveling pants…er, blog. I bought some new British Tea, and you know what that means….Let’s have tea time. James, you too! Maybe a skype one could be in order? 

Please continue to pray for Daniel and I as we adventure through this life. Learning to do ministry and be married can sometimes be hard. Please pray that we would encourage each other and live selflessly. This past month has been such a time of redemption, and God’s grace over our lives & marriage. Praise God! We are doing well! Happy as clams, and I am so in love with that man, I could marry him. 🙂 


Me & my boo thang.

You are all in my thoughts and prayers. My dearest friends, I love you. 

Much Love and kisses,



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